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Bosco Nutrition Counseling 

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We can meet one on one to achieve your nutrition goals.  I will give you strategies, menu/food shopping/recipe ideas, and accountability.  Family Counseling also available: Does your family need nutrition intervention? We can work together.


Have you recently been told by your doctor to be on a special diet, (i.e. diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, gout, wound care, heart health, etc.)?  Newly diagnosed and don't know what to eat?  Avoid Food-Medicine interactions. Please obtain a referral from your doctor so we can work on those goals together.


I have been waiting 20 years for a test that would line up the benefit of nutrients with our genetic profile!  Sure you could just order a test but why not have it explained and applied to you personally!  We have it here!  NutriSync is a convenient at horne system that consists of a DNA test that measures specific genetic variants in your genes that have been found to influence health.
Also an online Dietary/Lifestyle Survey will capture valuable information about your eating and lifestyle habits that relate to the gene variants being tested.
The goal of the NutriSync Assessment is to provide you with genetic information about yourself that may have lifelong implications for your nutrition and fitness. NutriSync will help you take more strategic control of your own wellness and help guide your diet and lifestyle choices in
your quest for optimal health. Unlike other "information only" genetic tests, NutriSync provides nutrient and lifestyle goals from research intervention studies in your Action Plan in addition to your DNA results. 

Food Intolerance Functional Nutrition Counseling

Many symptoms can be relieved once food triggers are identified and removed from the diet.


This will be offered as a new class as interest level indicates.
There is so much to know.  Let's meet to discuss nutrition, coping skills, meal planning, and knowing your numbers.  Increase your knowledge of diabetes so you will feel in control.


Prices will vary

  Think about a food demo/nutrition teaching/workshop for overall fun or to improve health.

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